Tribal Gathering 2013, Geoparadise

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Tribal Gathering 2013, Geoparadise

Postby GeoParadise » 19 Dec 2012


The epicentre of Tribal Gathering, featuring the very best international Psy-trance, Progressive and Techno acts from around the world. We are inviting artists, architects, designers, decorators and creative visionaries to help us create an area that will inspire and spark our imaginations.

The alternative music venue. A wonderful curved and dramatically tiered stone amphitheatre cut into a natural gully with two swimming pools to cool off in.. An eclectic variety of music from local and international artists, Ambient, Psy-Chill, Dubstep, Minimal and the funkiest House will ensure there’s music for all tastes and moods.

The festival will start here with an Inter Tribal Symposium.
Several Indigenous tribes will be present, hosting talks, workshops, theatre and dance.
You will find all things related to living in harmony with each other and our natural environment. Its a productive zone, the place to learn more about how to live in our world - from the city to the tribal village, power generation to permaculture. This tipi village will contain a visionary art gallery "Art Sphere", Geohaven the conference area, Holistic and Wellness Zones, an Artisan Market and Restaurants.

Cleans your body and sole in nightly shamanic ceremonies in the river side sweat lodge.

Our festival food garden will display techniques unique to rain forest cultivation.
We plan on building beautiful wood-fired eco-showers designed with water conservation in mind.
There will be traditional long drop compost toilets.
Recycling bins will be dotted round the site, please use them. All rubbish will be sorted through after the event and recycled again.

We have a for attendees which will start simply with points for doing things on the site, voting for musicians, discussing issues, looking at posts, commenting etc...
The initial idea being to gain site traffic...
Next year is when it starts to make ecological sense, we will introduce real world tasks.. Planting trees will get you points, growing vegetables, green construction and other eco-directed projects.
Lets get as many people that we can, regularly using the site so that when the ecologic kicks in it might actually make a difference out there.
Of course if you WIN, we will fly you to Panama for the festival with free VIP tickets and an invite to the private after party....
If you dont win, don't worry there are still more great prizes.

La Iguana, a natural resort nestled in a beautiful jungle valley three hours from Panama city.
Go for a swim in the river, follow one of the trails deep into the forest or visit the springs and enjoy the panoramic views.
Getting here could not be easier with buses running from Panama city at all hours.
Tocumen international Airport has direct flights from Amsterdam, Madrid, Frankfurt, New York, San Francisco, Miami, Rio de Janeiro and many other cities around the world.

We are a non profit set up primarily to work with local indigenous communities, bringing global tribes together, sharing creativity and ideas for all.
If any one has a functional old laptop and you might want to donate it to an indigenous village school, or if you want to donate money to help in our projects, pop along to our website and find out how easy this is to do.

Starting at 65 Euros. Visit our for more information on offers and outlets.

Camping is free.
There is a hostel on site for more information on rates and availability.
Many more hostels and hotels can be found 12km down the road in Penonome.

This event is in a beautifull valley, the Jungle is all around. It is a pristeen location, so please take home anything you bring with you. Be aware when you go for jungle trail walks, there are animals and insects that will harm or eat you. Do not attempt to feed them, they are wild and need to stay that way. Try to use organic eco-safe soap, shampoo and bug sprays. Its a good idea to bring a torch, it can get very dark under the canopy at night.
IMPORTANT!! Cash machine and petrol available in Penonome, neither is available in Churuquita Grande, so make sure you bring enough for the weekend!!
Locals are really friendly, you just have to ask around to find anything you need.

La Iguana resort
Churuquita Grande

There are numerous buses to Penonome. Costs from Panama city from $6, David $6 and about $40 from San Jose (Costa Rica).


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