System E - Judgement EP - out now!

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System E - Judgement EP - out now!

Postby JessCathar » 13 Nov 2012

SYSTEM E - Judgement EP [Free-Spirit Records]

OUT NOW exclusively to Beatport:

Track Listing:

1] Blue Moon
2] Armageddon ... ts&fref=ts

Catch System E playing at Tribal Village on 12th January 2012-11-13 ... ts&fref=ts


Released Exclusively on Beatport from the 12/11/2012
General Release 26/11/2012

Genre: Progressive Trance
Cat No: FRS0035EP

Worldwide distribution by
INgrooves, San Franciso, CA
Tel: +1 415 489 7000

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System E – ‘Judgement EP’ (Free-Spirit Records)

The long anticipated debut of System E, the progressive trance act from Jessica B and Steve Morley aka Cathar, is finally upon us. The ‘Judgement’ EP gives a clear indication of their sound and an insight into their crazy world, designed to take you on a trip you won’t quickly forget. From the first tones of the EP you can recognise the huge effort and deep knowledge of production invested in their music, which they see as a religion rather than a hobby or a job. This is exactly why this epic release sounds so fresh, exciting and above all incredibly phat. Expect to be pulled in contradictory directions with twist and turns when you least anticipate them on both tracks on offer - preparing you slowly but surely for the upcoming follow up album!

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System E is a new Progressive Psychedelic Trance act formed by Jessica B and Steve Morley.

Both have already enjoyed considerable success in their musical careers in the field of Trance, Hard Dance, House and Hardcore.

Steve Morley has been a record producer and DJ since 1992, and is a classically trained pianist and composer. Steve has a discography containing over 120 releases and countless remixes - on highly respected record labels. His love for Trance music saw him produce and play almost all the sub genres; and his affection for psychedelic music stems from the time he discovered Goa trance in the mid 90’s.

Jessica B started producing and DJing in 2005 and instantly received recognition and praise for her first releases, which gained massive Radio 1 support. Not satisfied with just being a producer and DJ, Jessica also co owns the Essential Recordings label - on which she has released her latest trance tracks. During her creative journey, Jessica discovered her love for psychedelic music and teamed up with Steve to form Cathar – their full on Psychedelic Trance group.

Together they had so many more and different ideas and enjoyed their partnership so much that they felt it was time to express this through System E.

System E (progressive psy trance) ... ts&fref=ts

Cathar (full on psy trance) ... ts&fref=ts

Cosmic Warrior (chill/down tempo) ... 67?fref=ts

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