The Vangarde Transmission EP OUT NOW!!!

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The Vangarde Transmission EP OUT NOW!!!

Postby cybergroove » 30 Sep 2010

The Vangarde Transmission EP OUT NOW!!!


The Vangarde Transmission EP
Release date Monday 27th September 2010
Label Live & Dangerous
Distributor (Cygnus Music)

The Vangarde - Transmission.


The Vangarde - Transmission.The Vangarde - Ride It Out.


The Vangarde - Ride It Out - Diode DNB Remix.

[soundcloud]">The Vangarde - Ride It Out Diode Remix[/soundcloud]

The Vangarde - Ride It Out Bankai Electro Remix.


The Vangarde - Ode2 Tokyo Maztek DNB remix.


New exclusive live band signing. Live Summit - Wind featuring Anngree, Forthcoming.

[soundcloud]">Live Summit - Wind Featuring Anngree[/soundcloud]

Live & Dangerous

Live & Dangerous is the new sister label to Dangerous New Age Recordings. It has been put in place because of the growing popularity of live acts going from the underground to the main stream and front stages, It Has also been created to give our live acts a place to put out their music we did not really have any where we could host more mainstream music and we could not miss out working with such talented live acts such as The Vangarde & Live Summit. This is a little preview of what is to come from Live & Dangerous.

Introducing to you The Vangarde

The Vangarde are a two time award winning band from Sydney Australia. Their music is next generation electronic music. The group consists of Rust (Nick Platers, producer, vocalist) and Bishop (Michael Sison, vocalist). In 2007 the band received a lot of attention after winning Best Unsigned Dance/Electronica in Australia.

And In 2008 they scooped up Best Video Artist for 'Ode To Tokyo' It did not stop there either in 2010 they made it to the top five nominees out of thousands of entries for Ride it out sealing them a place on the red carpet once again at the prestigious Music Oz Awards.

It’s very difficult to put The Vangarde in any set genre. They can walk into any party, club or festival and play whatever is needed to fit the nights or days music. The Vangarde have recently reinvented them selves’ and have acquired some new members to the band.

Joe Tiribassi is a brilliant Guitarist and Nathan Klein is an awesome Drummer. They have both proved they are very valuable and help to brining this act to life.

The Vangarde are most definitely going to get the respect and success they deserve, it’s just a matter of time? Turn the volume up and take a listen to the sonic mayhem they call The Vangarde.

“One of the most promising underground outfits to emerge from Australia since Pendulum."

The Transmission EP.

1:The Vangarde - Transmission

Transmission is the lead tune from this amazing promo EP from The Vangarde. Transmission is only just touching the surface of what is to come.
Transmission starts with some good subtle horn stabs and nice layered set of old skool Hip-hop beats. Bishop takes you through vocally in style with a brilliant use of lyrics. Then the next thing you know without any warning you get taken by surprise like an alien abducting you in the night.

The change in this track is huge, All of a sudden what started off as a nice chilled tune turns into an angry beast with heavy beats all over it and some really powerful synths bringing you more electronic mayhem then five Terminators overheating.

This tune is one of them ones that just keep your heads nodding and your toes tapping all night long. Now it’s time to go live, we have Transmission.

2: The Vangarde -Ride it out

Ride it out is a huge track and was this year’s Nomination that got them to the top five places at Australia’s premiere Music Oz Awards. Ride it out has something about it that is different from any of the other tracks on here.

It has the ability to make you walk away humming the tune or singing the words. That is when you know you have something special on your hands when you can make someone subconsciously sing your song.

The Vocal from Ivory in this is really well sung and has a really powerful meaning to it. Many of us have been in this situation in where you are not sure what to do so we try to ride it out. Hence the lyrics in this song.
All we have to do is ride it out when you stuck in the deep end, keep your head above water breath in. All we have to do is ride it out your losing your control got to take hold never refuse to let go.

Ride it out is one of them tunes you will keep listening to many times and it never seems to get boring. The Vangarde went in with everything on this track. What a Master piece.

3: The Vangarde Ode2Tokyo - Maztek Remix

Maztek is one of the rising stars in Drum & Bass and after hearing a demo form The Vangarde he jumped at the opportunity to remix one of their songs. The remix Maztek has done is The Vangardes award winning track at the 2008 Music Oz awards it also gained heavy rotation on MTV.

The tune starts with some eerie atmospheres and a spooky voice then it lets you know that we are deep inside your head. Rust starts it off with a generous helping of rapping while Maztek bring some bone crunching beats and a low sub bass that would awake the Mummies who had been asleep for Ten Thousand years.

This tune gets a thoroughly deserved make over from Drum & Bass bad boy Maztek. The tune has had huge support from some of the scenes top DJS and has graced the dance floors in many countries A. big Intro tune for any club night or Rave.

4: The Vangarde – Ride it out Bankai Remix

Bankai another Australian shows his full support to his fellow countrymen and flies the nations flag high with his new style of Electro he has created. This tune starts off like a Beethoven symphony in a concert hall.

The intro has a very complex Piano pattern that will grab you like a Lion chasing his prey in the Savannah. The bass is furious with a good number of changes, keeping you completely locked in from start to finish, heat seeking target destroying tunage.

Bankai also uses some really new sounding ideas to make this remix something different from any other Electro produced music out there.. Just before the drop you get them words that seem to stick in your head all we have to do is ride it out. And the tune comes to life with some real soul and funk to it.

This one is making your Nan and Granddad dance. No Nan, Granddad do not do it. Ride it out has had a complete work out Bankai style and you will be screaming for more.

Bankai nailed this one together like a coffin maker on call out after Dracula had a Blood thirsty feast on a town.

5: The Vangarde – Ride it Out Diode Remix

Diode follows Bankai and remixes the Vangardes 2010 Nomination for this year’s music OZ awards. This tune beat thousands of people to give the band yet another invite to the televised national unsigned music Oz awards.

Diode doesn’t mess around with this one instantly you know what tune this is he is remixing. The beats come in with a Hip hop style beat pattern and some squelchy sounds in a typical Diode fashion.

This is the sound that has got Diode so many fans following him worldwide over the years. There is no wonder why, when he is making tunes of this caliber Diode has his tunes supported by a host full of DJs including Edrush, The Lifted crew and many more.

The Vangarde and Diode have teamed up perfectly on this track and its another explosive track for Diodes huge catalogue of releases. Diodes remix is like a fire work going off in an arms factory, explosive and deadly.

6: You can keep that.

The last track off the Transmission EP is really exclusive to the people who buy this EP and support the band. The Vangarde wanted to give their fans and consumers something more on this release so they created a very special Bonus track that will not be on their Plan B Album.

You can keep that is a Vangarde trade mark track through and through. The track starts off with a catchy guitar riff from Joe and some really sharp drum Patterns from Nathan as Rust & Bishop come together like two poets at a writer’s society.

You can keep that has a great feel to it with lots of get up and go.
All four band members take to this track like an elite force of SAS men, who each know what role they take when the team storms a building from a group of terrorists.You can keep that is a great way to finish this build up EP before the Launch of the Vangardes ground breaking ten Track Plan B Album.

This will be released at some point in November. Please keep your ears open for that its one great album and another slice of Australias new sensation The Vangarde.

Thanks to all the remixers on this EP. And look out for Russian Super group Live Summit.

Available on most stores.





To Book Live Summit contact





Add Danage Rec.

To Book The Vangarde contact Scott at Cyber Groove Artist Management.

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